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Employees are requested to provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ written notice of their intent to resign. An employee’s notice of resignation to voluntarily terminate employment with the Company should be submitted to their supervisor or manager. An exit interview may be requested.



All employment with the Company is “at will” employment. This means that the employee has not been hired for a specified duration, but that they can terminate their employment with the Company or the Company can terminate the employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice. An employee’s at-will employment status cannot be changed by any oral modifications.


Personal Possessions & Return of Company Property

Any Company property issued to employees, such as computer equipment, keys, tools, parking passes or Company credit cards, must be returned to the Company at the time of termination. Employees will be responsible for any lost or damaged items. Upon separation of employment employees are to remove their personal possessions.